Buying a Home

You’ve found your dream home and made an offer.

  • When buying a home, the Agent should be able to provide you with a copy of the Contract. You can upload a copy of the contract here, or give us the agent’s details and we will contact them for a copy. We will review the contract for you, and advise you on any changes we recommend and alert you to any potential problems.
  • You need to arrange your finance, and any property inspections you believe to be appropriate. We recommend you have a professional pest inspection and building inspection carried out, to identify any defects with the building.
  • You sign the contract and contracts are exchanged with the seller’s conveyancer. You need to pay the deposit at this stage.
  • We carry out our searches and enquiries to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. We also assist you to complete anything your lender requires to be done. We will calculate the stamp duty, which you can pay separately, or if you are borrowing the funds, can be paid at completion of the transaction.
  • Completion (also known as “settlement”): we calculate adjustments and arrange with the seller’s conveyancer and your lender to complete the transaction and have the land put into your name. Once completion has occurred, the property is yours and you can collect the keys from the agent and move in. We will notify you and the agent as soon as completion has occurred so there will be no delays in you gaining access to your new home.
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Our Guarantee
e-C Conveyancing Online is fully insured with the largest provider of legal professional indemnity insurance in NSW, and our trust account is guaranteed by a fidelity fund. We guarantee you will receive good title to your land in all purchase transactions.