Selling a Home

Are you selling a home or other real estate? Here are 5 simple steps to successful selling.

  • Choose an agent. When selling a home or other real estate we recommend you contact at least three agents to do appraisals of your property and give you their proposals for a marketing program. Before the agent can market your property, you will need a contract.
  • Provide us with your agent’s details and the address of your property by completing our online form here. We will prepare a contract to allow the agent to market your property. We can have a draft contract to your agent within 24 hours if required, but some of the certificates required for the contract may not be available for several days. This is because the agencies who supply those certificates (mostly your local council) sometimes take several days to provide them. Unfortunately this is out of our control.  However, our delivery policy is that a draft contract will be emailed to you or your agent within 72 hours and a contract complete with all required attachments within 7 business days.
  • Your agent finds you a buyer and you agree to a sale price. Our contracts are designed to allow your agent to exchange contracts as soon as the buyer has signed and paid the deposit. The buyer will have “cooling off” rights, meaning they can back out of the contract within a specified period, but they will forfeit to you 0.25% of the agreed price if they do.
  • Once the buyer is locked in, we liaise with your bank to have your mortgage discharged. You make arrangements to move out (if you live in the property), and we will arrange for you to sign any necessary documents. If this is to be an electronic transaction, we will be able to arrange everything for you, as long as you have completed your Verification of Identity and Client Authorisation.
  • Completion: you will need to arrange to deliver all keys, garage remote controls and any other items needed to access the property to the agent. We will check the buyer’s calculation of adjustments and tell the buyer’s conveyancer how you want your cheques drawn (unless it is an electronic settlement – see here). We will notify you and the agent as soon as completion has taken place, so you can get your share of the deposit from the agent.

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