Fixed Fees for Selling

Our Fixed Fees are competitively priced with NO HIDDEN COSTS

e-C Conveyancing offers the following fixed fees for selling your home or property:

To prepare your contract, ready for your agent to market your property:

$495 including GST

(this includes zoning certificate, drainage diagram, title, deposited plan, 88B and up to one additional dealing if required)


When your property is sold, you will pay us an additional fee at settlement:

$990 including GST

This includes ALL agency fees, and liaising with your lender.

Our Fixed Fees Include
  • ALL professional fees for preparation of the contract

  • ALL certificates and searches for attachment to the contract

  • You do not pay one cent more until your property is sold!

This is ABSOLUTELY ALL you ever pay us.  If you are considering someone else who SOUNDS cheaper, ASK THEM what other charges they will be adding.  If it turns out they will actually be cheaper, please let us know.

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